Repair of Chimneys with Carbon FRP


Carbon FRP Can Revolutionize the Way Smokestacks and Chimneys are Repaired, Retrofitted and Strengthened


Mo Ehsani, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Arizona and president of the FRP Company QuakeWrap, Inc., presented a novel approach for the repair of chimneys, using carbon or glass FRP. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products are applied like wallpaper, reaching three times the strength of steel in 24 hours! Smokestacks and chimneys often require repair and/or strengthening. Repairs may be necessitated by corrosion of reinforcing steel and general deterioration of materials. Unlike the design and construction with conventional materials, FRP leads to a quick and less expensive way of repair.

Strengthening of smokestacks and chimneys is often required due to structural modification. As an example, the US government has mandated many industrial plants to install a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (“SCR Scrubber System”) to reduce their harmful emissions. This system requires cutting an opening in the side of the smokestack techniques. Furthermore, smokestacks and chimneys often require repair and/or strengthening due to corrosion of reinforcing steel and general deterioration of materials. Design and construction with conventional materials lead to expensive and time-consuming solutions.

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